Quality assessment and market approval

Quality assessment and market approval (WP4) is designed to check the innocuousness of the dried powders, through microbiological and nutritional analyses, including checking for mycotoxins and heavy metals. The next step of the research is to develop new functional products, by direct integration of powders in the recipes of bakery products such as brioche and snacks. Sensorial analysis will be performed to reveal how consumers perceive the appearance, aroma, taste and texture of the novel food products. Storage test will be done for each product and the shelf-life will be documented.

Hands wearing latex gloves examining sample and filling a form.

Functional foods

Functional foods (nutraceuticals) represent one of the fastest growing areas of research, leading to novel products intended for disease prevention and health promotion beyond basic nutrition. In brief, functional foods have health-enhancing properties in addition to normal nutritional benefits.

Work package objectives

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Work package lead

Quality assessment and market approval – work package 4 is led by Transilvania University of Brasov.

Contact person

Liviu Gaceu

Liviu Gaceu