Pre-processing of raw materials

Pre-processing of raw materials (WP2) will investigate methods for stabilisation and separation of rest raw materials (RRMs) at slaughterhouses prior to further processing. The pre-processing of RRMs will be performed at a fish processing factory and will demonstrate the possibility to stabilise the RRMs to establish future business cases. 

Gloved hands sorting fish on a production line

The challenge

Rest raw materials (RRMs) have limited shelf-life due to high rate of biochemical reaction and microbial activity. The value chain of the most types of RRMs is limited to fish oil extraction, fishmeal and biogas. The reason for this is absence of business cases and system solutions for efficient pre-treatment of RRMs at fish processing factories and slaughterhouses.

Work package objectives

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Work package lead

Pre-processing of raw materials – work package 2 is lead by NTNU.

Contact person

Ignat Tolstorebrov

Ignat Tolstorebrov