Post processing (WP5) will investigate different methods of preservation through use of antioxidants on:

  • Product formulation: Incorporation of natural antioxidants as ingredients in:
    1. the final powder product
    2. composite multi-ingredient product (instant soup)
  • Active packaging: Encapsulation of natural antioxidants in food packaging material for the controlled release in the post processing handling of a. and b.
Hands wearing latex gloves examining sample and filling a form.


Products rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as the powder developed in WP3, are attractive because of their positive effect on human health. However, they present several difficulties in terms of stability during post-processing and/or storage since they are highly prone to oxidative deterioration and production of volatile secondary oxidation products with undesired fishy smell and off-flavors.

Work package objective

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Work package lead

Post-processing – work package 5 is led by the National Technical University of Athens.

Contact person

Petros Taoukis