European Researchers night, 30th of Septenber 2022, at the Research and Development Institute of Transilvania University of Brasov

Researchers’ Night is an annual event, organized on the last Friday of September in over 300 European cities, to celebrate knowledge, discoveries and the benefits of research.

Students, researchers and partners of the university invited participants to games, competitions and presentations of research activity. In addition, the institute’s laboratories and specially arranged stands were visited, where mobile robots, 3D printers, drones, racing cars made by university students and various research equipment were presented.

At the stand of the Faculty of Food and Tourism, the Era-Net project „Sustainable preservation of marine biomasses for an enhanced food value chain” wasdisseminated, and the Saccharina Latissima seaweed and FPH powder were presented through various bakery products (bread, crackers, biscuits, pasta, etc).