SuMaFood partners

Expertise from across Europe

SuMaFood pulls together partners from all across the European continent to meet its objectives of reducing food waste and increasing the productive use of marine biomass. Here is a presentation of our partners.

SINTEF Energy Research has a leading position as an RTD provider in energy efficiency, energy processes, refrigeration and heat pumping technologies and has led several international research projects. The research group has expertise in drying, chilling and freezing of foods. The concept of super-chilling of marine foods was developed here.

Eco-biotechnologies and Equipment for Food and Agriculture (EBIOTEFA) is a research center from Transilvania University of Brașov. The Faculty of Food and Tourism is experienced in the valorisation of waste or by-products from agri-food sector. EBIOTEFA has leading experience in food product development and testing, and microbiological and toxicological analyses

PRAXI Network is an established technology transfer organisation with long-standing experience in assisting SMEs and research organisations throughout Greece to achieve cross-border technological cooperation. It is a distinct administrative unit operating within the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), the most active research organisation of Greece. PRAXI Network’s mission is to make the project more competitive via the linkage between research and industry, the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the transnational cooperation.

EKONEK supplies turnkey drying plants, specially to transform food by-products into new products in a powder format, as new ingredients for food or feed applications. Since its start in 2009, EKONEK focused on the development of pulse combustion drying technology (PCD), and the main role of EKONEK in the project is to design, build and optimise a small capacity (20 kW) and portable pulse combustion dryer plant.

NTNU is Norway’s leading university in science and technology. It has a long experience in R&D projects and has been working in a large number of EU and internationally funded projects. The Department of Energy and Process Engineering offers a specialisation within the food processing, refrigeration and heat pumping systems. The Department has an advanced laboratory infrastructure which can be used for experimental investigations of the project.

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is one of the oldest higher education institutions of Greece and the most prestigious among engineering schools. The School of Chemical Engineering contribute with Laboratory of Process Analysis and Design (LPAD). Its area of expertise includes experimental and applied study of industrial processes (e.g., distillation, drying, extraction) and Micro encapsulation technologies. The Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology (LFCT) brings expertise in the areas of non-thermal and novel processing of fish and fish fillets, shelf-life kinetics, quality and shelf-life predictive modelling, predictive microbiology, cold chain management system, active and intelligent packaging technologies.

NUAS Technology is a company that will increase the utilisation of resources in existing food production through gentle recovery of protein, oil and bone from residuals. The process-plant consist of an in-line continuous hydrolysis column and is patented in around 40 countries. Inserting nitrogen to the process ensures stirring of the hydrolysis without mechanical movement. NUAS Technology’s process line also includes separation and evaporation. The company will contribute to reaching the project goals with personnel, raw material, production capacity and test facilities.