21st World Congress of Food Science & Technology Future of Food: Inovation, Sustainability & Health, 31 October – 3 November 2022, Singapore

At the IUFOST Congress, dissemination was carried out regarding the results of the scientific research from the second stage of the ERA-NET Blue Bio project “Sustainable preservation of marine biomasses for an enhanced food value chain”, activity provided in the work plan of the project.

The Congress presented the latest advances in food in all its manifestations, including food safety, food security, regulations, innovations in food processing, hygienic design and engineering, frontier areas in food science and technology, novel food products, nutraceuticals and nutrients. The market and consumer preferences as well as the latest technologies in each sector of food science and technology were also addressed.

The meeting was attended by over 1500 delegates from all over the world and over 100 specialist associations from the food industry.

During the event, the Prof. Gaceu Liviu presented the poster with the title: Research on the use of saccharina latissima seaweed as a functional ingredient in bakery industry, authors: Liviu GACEU, Michael BANTLE, Oana Bianca OPREA.

More Information :  https://www.iufostworldcongress-singapore.com/home