Reducing waste in the seafood value chain

Sustainability through innovation

SuMaFood intends to reduce food waste and increase the productive use of marine biomass by devising innovative methods of processing and preservation, and developing ingredients that will serve as the basis for new food products.

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Increased utilization of rest raw materials in the marine food industry.

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Eco-innovative methods of preservation for marine biomasses.

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New food products

Development of new food ingredients based on fresh residuals.

A better use of resources

Food waste happens not only in households but also at the production stage. SuMaFood aims to reduce food waste by using innovative solutions to make marine biomasses and by-products available and attractive to consumers.

Partners from across Europe

The SuMaFood consortium is composed of three industry partners, three universities and one research institute from Greece, Norway, Romania and Spain. In addition, there are four associated partners.

Industry partners

Nuas Technology

Research partners